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WildAid Thanks Steve Trent

WildAid wants to thank Steve Trent for his tremendous work as he leaves his executive role managing the China program after 12 years with WildAid. As one of four original WildAid founders in 2000, Steve took the Communications Program to China and with great patience and persistence, built up a media distribution network which is currently valued at over $200 million.

In addition to our media partners, the program has also garnered the support of the Chinese government and dozens of Chinese icons and celebrities. Today, WildAid's awareness program is one of the most widely seen campaigns in the world, and certainly the most cost-effective. Amid one of the world's toughest working environments and with constant budgetary constraints, Steve managed to craft a truly ground-breaking program.

After years of hard work in China, we are invigorated by witnessing the results of our conservation campaign. Recently, our "when the buying stops, the killing can too" message was referenced as a model communications campaign in a U.S. Senate Committee on Foreign Relations, which was convened to discuss the mounting poaching crisis in Africa. In a recent episode of a popular TV series in China, the lead character references Yao Ming's WildAid PSA and convinces her colleague to say no to shark fin soup.

A truly successful public awareness campaign has the power to transcend the general public and influence government policy. Just last week, the Chinese government announced it will remove shark fin soup from the menus of official government banquets. There could be no more fitting tribute to Steve's work. To quote Winston Churchill, perhaps this is the "end of the beginning". With our continued efforts, we will build upon the foundation that Steve has painstakingly built over the years.

Steve will continue to be involved as Chair of WildAid UK Board of Trustees, while May Vadjanal will take over the management role in China. Steve will also continue to work on environmental issues with the Environmental Justice Foundation, where he works as Executive Director and as a philanthropic advisor.

The Board and staff of WildAid wish him and his family all the best for the future.