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CDR Daniel Schaeffer

Chief of Fisheries, United States Coast Guard

Presentation: Effective Enforcement Through Partnernships

The U.S. Coast Guard has a long history of fisheries and marine protected resources enforcement that has included domestic and increasingly international efforts. Resources continue to be scarce while the need for more enforcement has increased. Key to successful enforcement in an environment of increasingly limited resources is cooperation and partnerships. This presentation will provide a rationale for use of partnerships and provide examples within the Western Central Pacific, Africa and the North Pacific of international cooperation to protect valuable Living Marine Resources.


Enlisted in the Coast Guard 1988. Served on five Coast Guard ships, two small boat stations, command staffs, Liaison to Department of State, and as Commanding Officer of the fisheries training center in Alaska. These assignments involved the full range of fisheries enforcement actions from over 350 at sea and dockside boardings, operational planning and oversight, policy development, drafting of regulations and intergovernmental cooperation. For nearly 2 decades involved with international fisheries enforcement in nearly every corner of the globe including multilateral meetings, treaty negotiations, as a member of US delegations to various RFMOs, US Coast Guard representative to enforcement meetings, bilateral enforcement agreements, operational discussions and planning assessment of enforcement capacity. Current assignment is as Chief of Coast Guard Fisheries Enforcement.

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