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Ernie Batty

Global Technical Director, IMIS Global Ltd.

Ernie Batty has been instrumental in developing some of the largest and busiest Automatic Identification System (AIS) networks in the world. His life in this environment began in 1978 when he qualified as a Telecommunications technician (followed by Radio and Maritime electronic technician in 1980 and 1982 respectively) while working for the state-owned South African Transport Services. After considerable in-the-field experience was gained designing, operating and managing country wide trunked radio networks, local and regional train control and operation radio networks and airport operations radio systems, Ernie changed direction.

From 1994 Ernie’s focus shifted to the commercial side of networks and was appointed as the national Business Development Manager for the South African Transport Services telecommunication division, Transtel. During his time with Transtel he completed his formal management and marketing training with the University of South Africa and Oxford Brookes University in the United Kingdom. In 1997 Ernie worked with Marine Data Systems (MDS), a company focused on the design and manufacture of AIS terminal products. It was during his time here that Ernie was responsible for establishing the largest AIS network in the world (at that time) in the Netherlands. For the last 12 years Ernie has been the Global Technical Director for a company he helped create – IMIS Global. In this capacity, Ernie has brought to life all three of IMIS’ AIS networks, including its flagship product, MariWeb™. When he is not advising governments on AIS matters or leading his team in developing and maintaining the major AIS networks of Belgium, Greece, Croatia, Turkey and Canada, he can be found hard at work developing his range of AIS ship-based products that are distributed through IMIS’ newest division, SeaTraq.

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