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Marcos Amend

Executive Director, Conservation Strategy Fund Brasil

Presentation: Financing Enforcement-Who Should Pay?

Financing marine ecosystem protection and enforcement of fishing regulations is both an acute and chronic challenge. While enforcement is traditionally viewed as a governmental expense, the inadequacy of government funds allocated for the purpose requires creativity. Policies are needed that will make enforcement financing permanent and equitably distributed, focusing on the beneficiaries of enforcement and on the actors whose activities increase the costs.


Marcos Amend has been working in environmental conservation since 1987. He holds a Masters degree in Economics and Forest Policy from UFPR (Federal University of Parana – Brazil). Marcos worked for more than 6 years on the forest planning department of a paper company, where he developed a model to integrate environmental variables into the production plan. Marcos also had work experiences in Mamirauá Sustainable Development Institute (Brazilian Amazon), FUNBIO (Brazilian Biodiversity Fund) and, since 2003, he is the Executive Director of Conservação Estratégica (CSF Brasil), organization focused on the use of economics to promote environmental conservation.

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