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Vivek Oberoi

Vivek Anand Oberoi was born on September 3 in Hyderabad India. His father, Suresh Oberoi, a highly respected actor in the Indian Film Industry, nurtured his son’s talent from a young age. It was Vivek’s first performance as a six year old in a school play that he realized all he wanted to be was an actor. The faculties were so impressed by his performance that they advised his father to send him to a theatre workshop in London, which he attended at the tender age of seven. Years later, using his excellent improvisational abilities at an actor’s workshop in London, Vivek in his own style performed a monologue unaware that the director of New York University was watching his performance. The director was so impressed that he took Vivek to New York where he completed his Masters in Acting at the prestigious Tisch School of Drama.

In 2002, Vivek Oberoi made his debut in the Ram Gopal Varma film Company – a critically acclaimed box office film. Vivek won two Filmfare awards for Best Debut and Best Supporting Actor, in addition to five other mainstream awards from several prestigious award ceremonies. He became an instant hit with his first film and took the industry to a new level. His performance is said to have been one of the best debut performances in the history of Indian Cinema. Not too long after his debut film, Vivek was in the limelight again with the hit film Saathiya, a romantic drama, which proved his versatility as an actor and saw his fan base grow, particularly attracting fans outside of India.

Off-screen, Vivek is just as passionate about helping the less fortunate and being a good role model for his younger fans. Despite being a star child, Vivek claims it is the good values and simplicity taught by his parents which keeps him grounded. He is affiliated with the Yashodhara Oberoi Foundation, operated by his family, which supports a number of Indians in need of dire assistance. In the deepest crisis of the South Asian tsunami, he proved to be a real life hero when he reconstructed an entire village, building 650 homes, temporary shelters and an orphanage.

Vivek also sponsors surgeries for children who are in desperate need of heart and eye surgeries. The World Health Organization awarded him the Special Director’s General Award for his tremendous efforts in the fight against tobacco in India, where he is an anti-tobacco ambassador. In addition, the United Nations invited him to be the youth ambassador for India, which has led to a positive influence on the youth of the country.

Vivek has also been voted the most socially responsible and active member of the Indian Film Industry. Vivek has the ability to seamlessly cater for the different genre preferences of his expanding global fan-base. In 2009, Vivek has the Dharma Production film Kurbaan releasing. Kurbaan is an intense film that’s story is set in the United States, for which Vivek undertook special training and extensive research to to add realism to his character. Vivek’s performance in the upcoming film Prince – It’s Showtime has already received much press coverage with the media already dubbing him as being the ‘Prince’ of the Indian Film Industry.

Vivek has redefined the action space in Bollywood, performing all of his own stunts in a cool, fast and intense avatar, a character said to be a combination of Jason Bourne and James Bond, and a first for Indian Cinema. Vivek is currently working with revered director Ram Gopal Varma, who directed his debut film Company, on a biopic Rakta Charitra based on a character assassinated in 2005. From the film’s announcement, Vivek has received much coverage from the media and enthusiastic responses from the public and the film industry who anticipate this role to be his biggest performance to date.