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Izzy The Rhino

In August 2011, The Guardian reported that yet another rhino had been found killed in South Africa.  With a reported 448 rhinos poached in South Africa in 2011, this story was tragic but certainly not an anomaly.   But for the first time, the rhino had a name --  Izzy -- and a story. With the help of illustrator Steven Womack, we are proud to share the story of Izzy the Rhino with you.  

Though this story reads like a fable, parental discretion is advised.


Why saving sharks is good business

by Steve Trent, President, WildAid

“The economy is a wholly owned subsidiary of the environment” Gaylord Nelson, Environmentalist, former United States Senator and State Governor

Protecting Galapagos Biodiversity through the Cargo and Quarantine Initiative

WildAid’s continued work with the Galapagos Cargo and Quarantine Initiative, an endeavor committed to protecting the Galapagos Island’s unique biodiversity from exotic species and diseases introduced via food and product shipments from mainland Ecuador, has recently resulted in the streamlining of off-loading procedures at cargo dock facilities on two of the islands as well as a national regulation that requires Galapagos cargo ship owners to renew and classify their ships according to international standards within a one-year timeframe.