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WildAid Thanks Steve Trent

WildAid wants to thank Steve Trent for his tremendous work as he leaves his executive role managing the China program after 12 years with WildAid. As one of four original WildAid founders in 2000, Steve took the Communications Program to China and with great patience and persistence, built up a media distribution network which is currently valued at over $200 million.

Galapagos - Update from the Field

by Silvia Sanchez, Marine Program Officer


Act now to support shark conservation!


In New York, the Senate Environmental Conservation Committee will vote on Tuesday morning on the state's proposed shark fin ban.  Passage through this committee is critical.

Wild Days at the University of San Francisco

by Courtney Quirin

Yesterday WildAid joined the Earth-loving, eco-friendly community at the University of San Francisco’s Earth Day extravaganza.


All walks of life were present - from WildAid and the Rainforest Action Network to student-run farming groups and a band whose amps were powered by pedal power.

Africa’s Rhinos face Poaching Crisis

By Peter Knights, Executive Director of WildAid

Open letter to Wall Street Journal

An open letter to Wall Street Journal writer Shibani Mahtani, in response to her article, "Experts Swim Against Shark Fin Debate"

Dear Shibani:

Your title for this piece should have been "Two Shark Fin Trade Lobbyists Swim Against the Current.”

24-hour Rally to stop Keystone XL Pipeline

Thought the pipeline was dead? So did we.

A 13-year-old's Fight to Save Sharks, One Signature at a Time

Noah Pollock is a 13-year old 8th grader, who in April 2011 started a petition to ban the sale of shark products in Sudbury, Ontario, his hometown.


First intrigued by marine life and the ocean at age 3, Noah’s unique passion for the ocean took off when he was seven years old. Today Noah is a growing activist in the shark community and aspires to one day be a shark biologist or ichthyologist specializing in cartilaginous fish.

Oregon ban helps protect sharks from extinction

by David Kracke, WildAid International Board Member

(The Oregonian, 01/04/12)