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Dereck & Beverly Joubert

Dereck and Beverly Joubert are award-winning filmmakers from Botswana, with five Emmys and a Peabody to their names. Their mission is the conservation and understanding of the large predators and key African wildlife species that determine the course of all conservation in Africa. They have been filming, researching and exploring in Africa for over 25 years. Their coverage of unique predator behavior has resulted in 20 films, six books, and many articles for National Geographic magazine.

In the year the Jouberts spent as National Geographic explorers-in-residence, they were a force of nature themselves, producing two films, two books, and two magazine articles for National Geographic and winning a Panda award in the United Kingdom. But it is the expansion of the ecotourism/community partnerships via their new company, Great Plains, that has had the most dramatic advances in recent times.