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Dr. Peter JS Jones

Senior Lecturer, Department of Geography, University College London

Presentation: Governing MPAs-An Analysis of How Different Approaches can be Combined to Promote Effectiveness and Resilience

This presentation is based on 20 case studies from around the world, focusing on an analysis of the relative roles of state, people and market based approaches in governing MPAs. A particular focus will be placed on how governance incentives are combined and the important role that the state plays in ensuring MPAs are effective in achieving their biodiversity and resource conservation benefits. The governance analysis framework and findings will be introduced. It is argued that governance systems are similar to ecological systems, in that it is interactions between diverse incentives that promotes resilience against potentially perturbing driving forces.


Dr. Peter Jones is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Geography, University College London, where he specializes in research on different approaches to governing human uses of marine ecosystems. He is internationally recognized as an authority on marine protected area governance issues, with a particular focus on how state, market and participative approaches can be combined to achieve strategic conservation objectives. He has been an advisor to the European Common Fisheries Policy and England's conservation agency on marine protected area governance issues and recently undertook a project for the United Nations Environment Programme to analyze how different approaches can be combined to effectively govern marine protected areas, based on 20 case studies around the world ( He is also leading a work a program on governance as part of a project on the monitoring and evaluation of spatially managed marine areas ( to support the development and implementation of marine spatial planning in Europe's seas. 

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