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Huang Nubo

Mr. Huang Nubo is a Chinese real estate developer who founded and remains Chairman of Beijing Zhongkun Investment Group. He is listed by Forbes as a billionaire, ranking #129 among the top 400 richest Chinese.

In August 2011, Huang caused a stir in Iceland when he proposed to buy 300 square kilometers, or 116 square mile of the island, encompassing 0.3% of the country, to develop a $200 million property with a "120-room hotel, airport, golf course and horse-riding facilities." In November 2011 permission for the purchase of the land was refused by authorities, with reference to Icelandic laws that make it illegal for a citizen outside of the EU to buy land in the country.

Huang Nubo graduated from Chinese Department of Beijing University in 1980 and has an EMBA from the China Europe International Business School (CEIBS).During 1981 to 1990, he worked in The Central Propaganda Department as Department Chief and party members. From 1990 until now, he has been working as Permanent Vice President to Chinese City Publishing House of Chinese Mayors Association, Deputy Secretary-general in Chinese Mayors Association, and President Assistant of Chinese Mayors Association. In April 1995, he established Beiing Zhongkun Investment Group. Zhongkun Group’s representative case is Zhongkun Square of Beijing Great Bell Temple which is a large-scale commercial center with 430 thousand sqm construction area. It also built up the international compound holiday industrial model with the representative case of Hong Village. With the responsibility of protecting ancient villages in China, Zhongkun successfully protected Hong village, the ancient village located at the foot of Huangshan Mountain, south of Anhui province. In 2002, Hong village was listed into World Cultural Heritage. Huang Nubo was elected into a series of rankings, including Forbes Chinese Rich List, Forbes Chinese Charity Rich List, Hurun One Hundred Rich List, Hurun Charity List, and Forbes Asia Charity Heroes in 2009.In 2011, he was elected to be Annual Alumnus in CEIBS by CEIBS.

As a poet, he published a number of poetry anthologies and novels with pen name of Luo Ying. In May 2011, he is the first poet and entrepreneur who successfully reached the highest summit among seven continents, and successfully reached the North and South poles, plus that he composed a poem collection named 7+2 Diary, which was elected to the most beautiful book in China 2011. His works have been translated into English, Japanese, French, Mongolian, Korean and Turkish successively.