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Jordan Shlain, MD

Dr. Jordan Shlain is a practicing internist and a native of San Francisco. Dr. Shlain graduated with honors from UC Berkeley and subsequently was accepted to Harvard’s Center for International Development (WorldTeach) to teach high-school chemistry, physics and biology in rural Western Kenya. From Kenya to Italy, he then went on to graduate from Georgetown University Medical School and subsequently finished his internal medicine residency in San Francisco. Dr. Shlain is ranked in the Healthspottr’s of the “100 Most Important Healthcare Innovators” and is actively consulting with many companies, non-profits and physician organizations to assist them in patient-focused innovation. He founded the Current Health Medical Group in 1997 and is actively developing the software, HealthLoop. He is the president of the national American Academy of Private Physicians and has served as an assistant clinical professor at UCSF and a board member for the San Francisco Medical Society. In 2008, he won the Pioneer in Medical Practice award in Washington D.C. In 2010, he was appointed by the Mayor of San Francisco to sit as a commissioner for the Health Services Systems Board. In 2011, he was named to the physician advisory board of OptumInsight, a global leader in health IT analytics and services.