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WildAid Thailand | Michael Kelly
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Michael Kelly

Vice President, Sustainable Marine Resources, CLS America, Inc.

Presentation: CLS: Satellite Vessel Monitoring Systems and Their Various Applications

Real-time monitoring of vessel location, catch, and fishing activities gives managers, scientists and enforcement authorities more information than ever before about fishing. Managers can follow a fishing vessel’s activity from halfway around the world and know exactly where it is, how much fish it has on board, and where it’s gear has been deployed. But that’s just the beginning. Add this information to real-time satellite oceanographic data, biological tracking data, other vessel location data (AIS, SAIS, SAR) and meteorological data and you now have a real-time compendium of regional ocean information. This same technology allows MPA’s managers to detect and monitor legal fishing, shows vessels interactions with marine biodiversity and correlates marine wildlife behavior with oceanographic conditions.


Michael Kelly is the Vice President of Sustainable Marine Resources at CLS America, Inc., a global leader in satellite data communication. Michael is pioneering new methods for real-time fisheries data collection and display. He is a former fisheries observer and senior manager at NOAA and has an extensive background in fisheries science and management.

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