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Rich Arnold

Senior Vice President, Harkcon, Inc.

Presentations: Sustainable Equipment and Maintenance and Creating an Effective Training System

What elements are required within an effective MPA training system to instill and sustain improved operational law enforcement and resource protection capability? We will provide examples, methods, and processes to analyze performance needs, design and develop training program elements, deliver training, create qualification/certification programs, develop standard operating procedures (SOPs), effectively use job aids, conduct measurement via testing and take key steps to manage an effective training program.


Rich Arnold is a retired U.S. Coast Guard officer with over 30 years experience analyzing performance requirements and then creating training solutions, support systems and development programs to foster high performing individuals, teams, crews and systems. Rich's experience includes fisheries and resource protection work across the globe, design and development of maritime training programs from boat crew to command centers, and analysis to ensure equipment and support systems selected for recipients have a high probability of helping those organizations to actually improve performance.

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