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Tim Kelly

Timothy “Tim” Kelly is an American media executive, film producer, and conservationist. He is recognized for his role in moving the National Geographic Society from a primarily print-based organization to a multimedia global force in television and digital media. Kelly engineered the launch of the National Geographic Channel in 1997, and was named President of National Geographic in 2011. He also served as President and CEO of the National Geographic Global Media group and President and CEO of National Geographic Ventures. 

An avid outdoorsman, Kelly is recognized for his work in developing the role of storytelling in conservation. He serves on the board of the American Prairie Reserve, a private nonprofit that is creating a wildlife conservation area of 3,500,000 acres in northeast Montana through a combination of private and public lands.

Kelly also serves on the board of Great Plains Conservation Trust, which is dedicated to perfecting ecotourism as conservation movement. The Trust manages over one million acres of African wilderness as well as safari camps that work to preserve the natural habitats of iconic wildlife and to support local people.

Tim Kelly grew up in Colorado and earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in finance from the University of Colorado.