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Yao Ming Says No to Ivory and Rhino Horn

ความเป็นมา : 

WildAid and Yao Ming, along with Save the Elephants and African Wildlife Foundation, are targeting the consumption of ivory and rhino horn in China. In August 2012, Yao spent 12 days on a fact-finding mission in Kenya and South Africa filming a documentary to be aired in partnership with NHNZ later this year. Yao met wild elephants before encountering the bodies of five poached elephants in Kenya and a poached rhino in South Africa. He also visited local school children, whose education is funded through wildlife tourism revenue, and conservationists and government officials working to protect elephants and rhinos. Footage and stills from his trip were released together with a series of public service announcements informing consumers, "When the buying stops, the killing can too." WildAid thanks Ol Pejeta Conservancy and Virgin Atlantic for their support of Yao's Africa trip.

WildAid ทำอะไรบ้าง: 

"Elephants and rhinos are conservation flagships, national icons, goodwill ambassadors, and generate hundreds of millions of tourist dollars for African economies funding education and development; they are the pandas of Africa. We have seen illegal markets collapse in the face of strong clear laws, enforcement efforts, and consumer awareness campaigns in the past. By strongly implementing these proven measures, China could become a world leader in wildlife conservation and help save elephants and rhinos." – WildAid Executive Director, Peter Knights

How can you help?: 

Stand tall with Yao Ming and share the trailer for 'The End of the Wild' with your friends and family. "I believe what people will see in those pictures, [they] will remember it. That's what we're here for: film this, bring it back home...and show everybody the reality." – Yao Ming in 'The End of the Wild'